All machines must be of speedway type. There is no restriction on the type or age of the machine used but they will be grouped according to engine size and rider ability rather than by type of machine.

Riders are responsible for ensuring that their bikes meet the required standards as detailed in the current Speedway Regulations issued by the Speedway Control Bureau.

All machines must be mechanically and structurally sound and in a safe condition.

All must be fitted with dirt deflectors.

All machines must have a working ignition cut-out fitted and these will be checked at the event.

The required chain guards must be fitted.

The gap between the rear mudguard and the rear tyre must be a maximum of 35mm on 500cc & 250cc machines.

Please make sure the rider’s name is on the rear mudguard.

Riders can still use the old type silencers but they must be efficient.

The club will not accept responsibility for any machine which fails the required standards and results in the rider being unable to participate in the event.

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