It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure they wear appropriate clothing when taking part in STR events. The full details are in the Speedway Regulations handbook.

The racesuit must be a one-piece suit or a two piece suit which zips together and must be in good condition with any holes having been repaired. It must be made of materials designed to protect riders. No nylon or motocross clothing is allowed. Extra body protection must be worn; either incorporated within the clothing or worn separately over appropriate undergarments.

Boots must be suitable for purpose and in good condition to provide protection.

Gloves must be worn which provide suitable protection.

Helmets must conform to the required Speedway Control Bureau standards bearing one of the Approval marks. It must be in good condition and be a good fit. Helmet cameras are not allowed.

Goggles must also be worn.

The club will not accept responsibility for any item which is not appropriate and results in the rider being unable to participate in the event.

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